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First Hair Cut

The First Hair Cut brings up so many emotions - how did these months pass so fast? My baby is turning in to a little girl/boy. Yes, the loss of the baby mullet can be even slightly traumatic and we have had many a parent with a tear in their eyes as the snip of the scissors changes their child's look.

It is a great idea to bring someone along, family member or close friend so you can enjoy the experience with your child as they snap some pics. We provide a First Hair Cut Certificate and a lock of hair and make a big deal of this wonderful milestone.

We do recommend that you book an appointment for this first cut at a good time (so hard to pinpoint sometimes) when it is not nap time or feeding time. If they do fall asleep just give us a call or if they suddenly need a quick feed we have a great lounge or other areas you can make yourself comfortable to feed. Our busiest times are Saturday and Sunday mornings so consider coming at a quieter, more relaxing time.

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