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Hair Services

Our Professional Stylist Team boasts impressive talent in hair cutting, styling, highlighting, updos, and French braids. Our goal is for you and your loved ones to leave feeling even more satisfied than when you first walked in.

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Hair Services

First Haircut - receive 10% off and includes a certificate and lock of hair 

Essential Pretty Cut from $35

Essential Pretty Cut for tight curly hair $45
Essential Handsome Cut $28

Essential Handsome Cut with design $40

Mom Cut from $40

Dad Cut from $38

*add an Essential Shampoo with our Family Products for $5


Up-Do from $50 

Short Hair Curling $35

Long Hair Curling $50

Glitz Style $20

French Braid $25

Deluxe Fancy Braid (waterfall, fishtail, etc.) starting at $30

Just Bangs $15

Serious Blow Out (even for Mom while you wait) from $50

Wash & Detangle from $30


Highlights/ Balayage starting at $100 (natural colours)

Fun and Vibrant colour Hair Dye starting at $70 (tips or streaks)



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