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Hair Services

We pride ourselves on having very impressive talent with our Professional Stylist Team.  From Hair Cuts, Styles, Highlights, Up-do's, French Braids we always want you and yours to leave even happier than when you came in.

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Hair Services

Essential Pretty Cut  $27
Essential Handsome Cut $22


add an Essential Shampoo with our Family Products for $5


Up-Do starting at $50

Glitz Style $20

French Braid $20

Deluxe Fancy Braid (waterfall, fishtale, etc.) starting at $30

Just Bangs $15

Serious Blow Out (even for Mom while you wait) $50

Curly Do for Extremely Tight Curly Hair  starting at $30



Chunk, Partial, Thin, Thick, Tips, Caps 

Vibrant colours purple, pink, blue, red, green

Starting at $70




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